Rand alTan crowned first Master Assassin

Kalamere - August 19, 2010
The inaugural run of Duel Assassin is complete and Rand alTan is the overall victor, he is our Master Assassin. As the surviving agent with the highest Assassin Point value, Rand had an impressive run and ended with the 2nd most Assassin Point over all. The secret to Rand's success? Bonus health. Agent 33 not only met the 3 duel criteria in each week of the competition, but also completed 16 of 18 possible tasks (#1 in that category). He earned a total of 11 bonus health points, which saved his hide more than once. Being in the right place at the right time didn't hurt either as he leads the league in Agent Knockouts, having contributed to 6 departures.

While Rand wins overall, there are three other agents whose performance deserves recognition, as well as reward.

The Head Thug: Mur Ollavan. Agent 11 led all agents in Assassin Point through pure brutality. Despite being in the game for only half of the available weeks, he racked up 19 wins against other agents! He finished with 2 mark take downs (#2 overall) and a total of 38 Assassin Points. Mur's dueling was nothing short of phenomenal, if short lived.

The Stalker: Agent 12. Awarded to the surviving Agent with the highest Assassin Points not to be unmasked. This Agent proved elusive to his hunters who were unable to pin him or her down. S/he got in one mark take down, while never suffering one and managed to defeat 7 agents in the field, only losing twice in return. This Agent was no wallflower, avoiding conflict to stay safe either, s/he managed at least 3 duels in each week of the competition and ends the game with 33 Assassin Points, 3rd in that category behind only Mur and Rand.

The Hunter: Lastly, we can't skip Matt Simon, Agent 13. Ahead of everything else, the game is about finding your mark and taking them down. No one did this with more efficiency than Matt. Number 1 overall, he took down 3 marks during the competition. Like Agent 12 and Rand, Matt survived all 6 weeks of the competition and ends the game with 26 Assassin Points, a tie with Tass for fourth.

Congratulations to all 4 of these Agents who will find themselves favored by Mission Control in the next run...but perhaps top of the hunt list by a new crop of wouldbe Masters.

Thanks to all who joined in the fun, I hope to do it again!

((see the RoH Player Sandbox thread to contribute ideas for the next run.))

Final Night

Kalamere - August 18, 2010
Tonight is the last night of Duel Assassin, with Rand alTan and Agent 12 leading the pack. We still have 9 Agents in the game, but time has just about run out for anyone to take Rand out of the running. Could he be crowned Master Assassin on the eve of his Overlord Challenge? One has to wonder if this will intimidate Imp at all.

As a late update on Week 5 results, the G'et G'nort event was less successful than I would have hoped, but it did result in the unmasking of another agent. The last remaining Minx, Tristanie, is revealed as Agent 99. Also, a tough blow to Tass, who nearly caught the game leader, finds himself knocked out instead.

More news tomorrow.

Week 4 Scored

Kalamere - August 5, 2010
Week 4 is in the books and two more Agents have dropped from the game. See the updated standings to find your ranking.

New tasks and Marks are now available, plus the Week 5 Special Event: G'et G'nort!

Only two weeks to go, good luck!

The Halfway Point

Kalamere - July 29, 2010
Another week complete and 5 more agents are out of the game. Kalinda, Mur, Neo, Sungkut and Teagan turn in their assassin cards and the active Agent list drops down to 12. We also now know a couple more identities, with Catalina, Corlanthis and Topaz having lost their masks. There is an even split between active agents in the area of mask status. Six and six.

New marks and tasks are in your dossiers and the updated standings are now available. We're halfway through the game and points are going to be more difficult to come by, as are knockouts. The point leader amongst active agents is currently Rand alTan. Also holding the #3 slot in Net Health, I'd say he's the guy to shoot for.

Good Hunting,
Mission Control

Hunting Harris!

Kalamere - July 22, 2010
The first special event of the game is now in play (a second is planned for week 5.) All active agents are encouraged to get to the rings and take out Harris! As Harris is no easy foe, Agents will be well rewarded for successful completion of the event with a grant of 3 Assassin Points. Be careful, however, because losing to Harris this week will count for 2 Damage.

I expect several clumps of blue hair on my desk by the end of the interval!

Week 2 Complete. On to Week 3

Kalamere - July 22, 2010
Week 2 has been scored and the new standings are up. We've had our first batch of Agents retired from the game, six in total, and another 6 who have been unmasked. Their names are all clearly visible on the standings now. One of the unmasked Agents also happens to be the point leader, Mur Ollavan. With more than twice the Assassin Points of any remaining Agent, he has a sizable lead. Here at Mission Control, we're curious to see how he fares now that his identity is public knowledge.

Most Agents have received new marks and everyone has received new tasks. See your dossiers for more information and your detailed rankings.

Duel Assassin and Other Special Events

Kalamere - July 16, 2010
Because Diamond Quest and the MegaCast tournament both happen during this week of the game, the question comes up as to when exactly can Duel Assassin tasks, duels and mark defeats be counted. The answer is thus: Any time an agent is in a one on one, officially sanctioned, duel, that duel may count towards the game.

What does that mean specifically? It means that Diamond Quest duels may be used towards Duel Assassin activities. MegaCast duels may not be (assuming I understand the rules correctly). As an added bonus, Challenge matches are also eligible for DA credit. If not for the long delays between challenge time and when the duels are actually fought, this would be an excellent method of cornering your marks!

Standings Adjustments

Kalamere - July 15, 2010
Since generating the standings early this morning, it was brought to my attention by one of the agents that a mark defeat had been missed. This has since been corrected and results in the shuffling of some of the rankings. Only two agents had their actual net health or assassin point totals adjusted, but there is an overall effect to the ranking placements for many agents.

Please note: When recording the defeat of a mark, do so on the Task Recorder and not on the duel recorder.

~Mission Control

New Tasks and Standings available.

Kalamere - July 15, 2010
Week 1 is in the books and no Agents have been removed from the game, though there are a few of you hanging on by the skin of your teeth. Standings are now available, supplying a comparison of how the agents match up in Net Health and Assassin Points.

Agents should visit their dossiers to see their new task lists and see who their marks are. Not all agents will receive new marks every week, but there is a good bit of turn over this week, so please check. You will also find more detailed information in there on how you rank in various categories vs. the other agents.

One quick task note: If your task says to win a duel with a certain move or type of move, this means that the final winning move must be that move, not just that you need to use it at some point during the duel. ie: Win a DoS duel with a slash, means the final move you use must be a slash.

Week 2 starts tonight. Some of you already know that you'll be unmasked at the start of week 3, so make the most of your hidden identity while you've still got it.

Good luck!

Final Night of Week One!

Kalamere - July 14, 2010
Agents, tonight is the final night of the first interval. If you still need duels for the week or want to complete tasks or even get a last shot at your mark, this is the night to do it. Standings will be generated Thursday morning, so make sure that anything you accomplish tonight, or have already accomplished but not yet reported, gets submitted before dawn, so that I have it included. Anything not recorded will be lost and nobody wants that.

So far, all but 5 Agents have satisfied the duel requirements and seven of you managed to take down your marks (or, depending on how you want to look at it, seven of you were shamefully beaten). More updates tomorrow!