Rules of the Game

Edit Date: 2/10, 2014

-= Summary =-

Duel Assassin is a game within the games. Participants (to be known as Agents) will be assisgned a list of marks, never knowing which may be another agent themselves until it is too late. Agents will compete to successfully take down their targets and reveal each other, earning points as they go until finally, there is only one left standing.

Interested? Keep reading to get the full details.

-= Game Invitations =-

The game field shall consist of 24 agents. The first six invitations will be issued by Missions Control with the remainder sourced via recomendations of the original 6.

-= Weeks of Play =-

Duel Assassin will take place over 9 weeks. Each invited Agent will be guarateed activity in at least 3 of those weeks. Note, however, that these weeks will most likely not be consecutive. Not all agents will be active during each week of play. Look for a notice from Mission Control telling you that you have been activated.

-= Weekly Scoring =-

Each week an agent is active they will receive a list of marks. The list will contain approximately 10 names, some of whom are other agents. An active agent may only earn points against 3 of the marks on their list AND only the first 3 attempts will be counted, so chose carefully.

To eliminate a mark you must score 2 offensive points on them in a duel. Offensive moves are as follows:
DoF - Jab, Chop, SnapKick, SpinKick, LegSweep, UpperCut, Hook, JumpKick or Flip. *But NOT feinted
DoS - Thrust, LowCut, HighCut, Slash and StopHit
DoM - MageBolt, WizBlades, Mind Whip, Fear Touch, Meteor Shower, Arctic Blast, NetherRay and Elemental Fury
Weekly points are earned as follows:
Eliminate a Mark 4 points
.. if the Mark is another active Agent+1 point
.. if the Mark is poison.*+1 point
.. & win the duel +1 point
There is no aditional bonus in terms of points for winning the duel against another active agent, however, if one of your three marks is an agent and you win the duel you will also receive their mark list. You can still only take on three marks per week, but having two lists may increase your odds of easy prey. Mission Control will deliver this list to you on the following day.

-= Identify Other Agents =-

Each week the agents in play will be told how many other agents are in the field with them. Contact Mission Control with the names of all active agent and you earn a bonus of 5 points. An aditional 2 points will be awarded to the first agent to do this. Use of agent codes (see below) will be mandatory and should assist in identification. Be careful though, a wrong guess will lose you 5 points instead.

-= Style Bonus =-

There are a total of 4 style bonuses available throughout the competition and each agent may earn them all 1 time. A style bonus will be worth 5 points to your weeks score, but once you've achieved one of the four you will not be able to use it again during the contest.

Blade - Eliminate 3 Marks, all in DoS
Pugilist - Eliminate 3 Marks, all in DoF
Warlock - Eliminate 3 Marks, all in DoM
Jack of all Trades - Eliminate 3 Marks, 1 in each sport

-= Agent Codes =-

You will be supplied daily codes. In each duel you fight, you must use one of these codes to identify yourself as an agent within the first 2 rounds of the duel (including the stage of entering the ring). Non-agents (or agents not paying attention) won't know the codes and hopefully will not be able to identify you. At the beginning of your active week you will receive a password that will allow you access to the daily codes. There will be a few to choose from.

Code Examples:

  • Clothing Color: Purple
  • Phrases:
    • Badside Winter Wheat
    • G'nort's Ivy Tavern
    • Next Diamond Quest

If you fail to use the codes in one of your 3 mark fights you will not earn points from it, though it will still count as one of your three.

-= Poison Marks =-

Weeks 7 - 9 of the game will feature Poison Marks. Some number of your assigned marks (you'll be informed how many at the time) will be dangerous to your survival, as they have the ability to rob you of points or even knock you out of the game.

  • Allow a poison mark to score 3 offensive points on you and you will earn nothing from the duel.
  • Fail to score 2 offensive points on a poison mark and you will be eliminated.

However, poison marks also allow 2 aditional scoring posibilities.

  • You will earn an additional +1 to scoring when against a poison mark
  • Name the poison marks in play and you will earn +5 for the week. (No bonus for being first and no penalty for being wrong, but you get only 1 guess). Some form of hint will be give for you to figure this out.

-= Weekly Schedule, Generalized =-

  • Weeks 1 through 4: Each agent in place for 2 of these weeks. This is for seeding and gaining general familiarity with the game.
  • Weeks 5 and 6: First elimination rounds. Each agent will participate in one of these weeks and the lowest scoring agents in each week will be eliminated from the game. We will be down to 12 agents once these weeks are complete.
  • Weeks 7 and 8: The same as weeks 2 and 3, though with fewer active agents. 6 more agents will be eliminated in this stage, leaving 6 to move forward.
  • Week 9: Poison Marks enter play. 6 agents enter this week, no more than 3 will move on
  • Week 10: Final Elimination. Assuming 2 or more agents remain after week 9 we will move into final elimination. A new set of poison marks enter play. Also, all agents become poison.

-= Eliminations =-

When doing eliminations, agents will be ranked first by that week's performance. In the event of a tie Mission Control will look at all points accumulated. If there is still a tie, both agents will either be eliminated or move on with a prefernce towards elimination.