IFL Week 2 preview

Well, that was an interesting week one. Veterans getting upset. Veterans delivering a beating. Rookies taking the best to their limit. Just a typical week in IFL. I’ll admit, I was often wrong this week. I’d have the right winner, but the wrong score. Or the right score and the wrong winner. Further proof that this job isn’t easy. Just going by who won, I ended up 6-6 last week. Let’s get to week 2 and hope my prognostications are a little better!

Deathcake vs. Team Fist

Rekah vs. Darik– Now this is a matchup with power! Matt and Sal both decide to send out their Powerhouses in the main event. I do think that Darik has a bit of an edge in experience, but Rekah’s shown that she can hang with the big guys. It’s going to be a rough, hard hitting match, but I see Darik on top 5-3.

Sal vs. Blondie- I’m calling this one the match of the week. Sal’s coming off a big shutout win. Blondie had a dominating IF performance. Both are currently ranked in the top 4 on the leaderboards. The winner will stay an early candidate in the MVP race. Someone’s going to be hurting after this one. Probably both of them, because I don’t think either hit softly. I flipped a coin, and am taking Blondie 5-4.

Cass vs. Matt- And now, straight from the old duelist’s home, two guys who have been around for ages. To be fair, both of these two can still pack a punch. I don’t think that either one can handle a prolonged bout, but Matt is lighter on his feet and backhands his way to a 5-3 win.

Spencer vs. Dean- Spencer looked good for the first half of her match against Hope, while Dean had his hands full against Andu. I think she’ll get over the hump this time and squeak out a 5-3 win.

Deathcake 17 – Team Fist 30

Dirty vs. Great of Strength

Terry vs. Mel- Hmmm…On paper, this seems like a clear Terry win. But something in my gut is telling me that things aren’t what they seem. Maybe Mel buys into the evil on the team and channels some dark force that’ll help her steal a victory. Or Anubis kidnaps Terry beforehand. Either way, I smell an upset. 5-3 Mel

Claire vs. Renley- Claire coming off a big shutout win against Anubis’ new guy? Yeah….I don’t think this one is going to be close. Prove me right, Claire! 5-2 Claire

Vinny vs. Bile- Claire wises up and puts Vinny back where he belongs. As vile as Bile is, not even he’ll be able to come out on top, though he will make it interesting. I was hoping to see a Vinny/Anubis grudge match here, but sadly it’s not to be. 5-4 Vinny

Cooper vs. Xanth- I’m a little surprised Anubis put Xanth in the Anchor. Xanth was an absolute force last season, and I’d have picked him as a favorite over anyone on Dirty’s roster. Yes, even Terry. Until someone proves me wrong, I have to go with Xanth 5-3.

Dirty 23 – Great of Strength 23+

Real Rhydin vs. Chae Dynasty

Tahlia vs. KC- I’m on the KC bandwagon now after her performance last week. She’s one tough cookie and not afraid to lead by example. Fortune says- 5-2 KC

Kate vs. Jin- This one’s already over, with BEST CHAE winning 5-3. No sense putting in a guess now.

Jewell vs. Charlie- Jewell hasn’t been bad the past few seasons, but she hasn’t been great either. Against Charlie, she’s going to need to put it all out there, and maybe hide some brass knuckles in her shorts. I expect her to put up a fine effort, but fall just short. 5-4 Charlie

Gren vs. Izumi- Gren is on a 1-7 streak over the last 2+ seasons, and has been shut out twice. From a betting perspective, how can anyone choose him right now? Izumi, on the other hand, looked fairly competitive against Kruger. I see her putting the ranger to sleep 5-2.

Real Rhydin 11 – Chae Dynasty 34