IFL 2017 Week Two Power Rankings

Week Two had an abundance of action for all the IFL Fans. Team Fist continues to dominate and Team Dirty suffers another close defeat as Week Two wraps up. How will Great of Strength’s and Real RhyDin’s wins, as well as Chae Dynasty’s and Deathcake’s losses affect the rankings? You’ll have to continue reading to find out!

(The number that precedes the team name is their previous ranking)

1) (3) TEAM FIST (2-0) Another big win by Team Fist this week, as they push past Deathcake to take first place in this week’s rankings. Blondie and Darik start the season 2-0, while Matt holds Cassius to one point. If this keeps up, we may be seeing a repeat championship for Team Fist. Next week they’ll be taking on Great of Strength in a battle of IFL’s only two unbeaten teams.

2) (4) GREAT OF STRENGTH (1-0) Melanie pulls a Xanth and gets a huge Iron Fist win over Terry King to lead Great of Strength over Team Dirty. Xanth pulls a . . uh . . Xanth and his Anchor win was enough to put the bad guys in the win column. This reminds me of Chemical Burn’s 2-2 weekly wins from last year. Will the Mel/Xanth combo be enough?

3) (6) REAL RHYDIN (1-1) Real RhyDin rebound from a tough Week One loss to win three duels over Chae Dynasty. Upset of the week was Tahlia’s first ever IFL win over Opal Holder Kenny Chae in the Iron Fist. Jewell and Gren also had victories to shore up their first success of the season. Real showed the potential they have to be a playoff team this year.

4) (1) CHAE DYNASTY (1-1) The Dynasty fall to Real RhyDin this week. No Iron Fist win this time for Kenny. Jin was the only victor, defeating Kate Turner. They’ll have an opportunity to get back on track against another team that lost this week, Deathcake. We’ll see what happens as Kenny puts himself in the Iron Fist for the third week in a row.

5) (2) DEATHCAKE (1-1) Deathcake runs into a proverbial brick wall this week as they lose 3 of 4 to Team Fist. Aurora did get her first IFL career win against a good dueler, Dean. Their third week battle against Chae Dynasty will be a big indicator of whether this team is a playoff contender. Sal vs. Duci could be the key match.

6) (5) TEAM DIRTY (0-2) Another one point loss for Team Dirty this week as the fall short of victory over Great of Strength. Vincent had an admirable win over Bile, and Claire was able to beat Renley. Things should get easier for them as Warrior Force is next. But if they can’t beat Warrior Force? Hmmm . . . .

7) (7) WARRIOR FORCE (0-1) Bye week for Warrior Force. Rachael’s lip twitched. Xerzes said “Meh”. Tex is still patting himself on the back for that win over Koyliak. You get the picture.

TEAMS ON THE RISE: Team Fist (1 from 3), Great of Strength (2 from 4), Real RhyDin (3 from 6)

OVERALL: Things are rolling along as Week Two is now in the books. Team Fist appears to be the team to beat so far. But there is still plenty of dueling to be done. Can Real RhyDin build more momentum? Can Team Dirty rebound from a bad start? Lots of stuff to watch for, and Week Three is coming up so don’t miss anything!