IFL 2017 Week Three Power Rankings

Bad is good! Sin is in! Up is Down and Down is Up! Guess who made Number One in our rankings this week? Be afraid, be very afraid. Another week of close victories and exciting matches. Can Deathcake and Team Dirty recover in time? Or will Great of Strength or Team Fist run away with it? Here come the Rankings for Week Three!

(The number that precedes the team name is their previous ranking)

1) (2) GREAT OF STRENGTH (2-0) This was a tougher call than it looks. Yes, they beat Team Fist. Renley got a huge Iron Fist victory against IFL Powerhouse Darik, while Xanth came from behind to beat Dean. But their individual duel record is 4-4, and they’ve won twice by a point each week. Still, they’re undefeated, so we’ll see how long their winning streak lasts. Chae Dynasty is up next.

2) (1) TEAM FIST (2-1) Team fist suffer a close loss to Great of Strength. Blondie becomes an early MVP candidate with a Push win over Melanie, and Koyliak evens her record for the year by beating Bile. They’re leading the league in individual duels with 8, so things still look good for them as they head into their Bye week.

3) (3) REAL RHYDIN (1-1) Bye week for Real RhyDin. Jewell dyed her hair again. Eden ate more than her body weight in sugar. Gren hugged a tree or two or three or four. You get the idea.

4) (4) CHAE DYNASTY (2-1) Due to Kenny’s Iron Fist victory, Chae Dynasty gets the tiebreaker on Deathcake and wins the week. Jenny had a comeback win against Aurora. The Chaes will have a big matchup this coming week against Great of Strength. This matchup could decide whether the Chaes are a playoff contender or not.

5) (5) DEATHCAKE (1-2) A hard fought week ends in loss as Deathcake falls to Chae Dynasty. Sal had a nice win over Duci, and Rekah defeated Izumi in the Anchor. Sal is the only dueler with a positive PDPB at this point. Team Dirty is coming up, and this could be a make or break week for both teams.

6) (6) TEAM DIRTY (1-2) Team Dirty gains their first win of the season, winning 3 duels over Warrior Force. Claire is another MVP favorite after an Iron Fist triumph over Xerzes. Dizzy had a four point win over Shale, while Kruger stayed undefeated by beating Andu. They will be facing Deathcake in Week 4, and this will be a good opportunity for them to get to .500.

7) (7) WARRIOR FORCE (0-2) Despite Tex’s perfect shutout against Vincent, Warrior Force fails against Team Dirty. Only Tex has a win after two weeks, but the good news is Rachael may have found her ace. Can this team rally together in time? Another tough week is coming up as they square off against Real RhyDin.

TEAMS ON THE RISE: Great of Strength (1 from 2)

OVERALL: Not much movement in the rankings this week, but a lot of action is coming up in Week 4. Can Great of Strength stay in the Number One Position? Can the Reals and the Chaes keep their momentum going? Don’t miss IFL this week as the season reaches its midpoint!