Breaking It Down: 2017 MVP & Rookie Of The Year Nominees

A smaller field of brawlers this season means a more condensed pack of competitors for Most Valuable Player & Rookie Of The Year, to be voted on by the captains, assistant captains & myself! As always those eligible for MVP are the fighters who finish in the top 15% of the league, therefore earning the Powerhouse ranking for next season. I’ll also be awarding Captain Of The Year and Playoff MVP once the dust settles, all of which will be announced and awarded at the Powerhouse Party Tournament on January 25th! All caught up? Great! Time to break it down!

Note: Strength of Schedule points are determined by the following algorithm: (MVP Candidate’s Opponents’ Combined, Rounded Winning Percentage against other fighters) + (2* Number of MVP Candidate’s Iron Fist/Push Matches) + (Number of MVP Candidate’s Crutch/Anchor Matches)

Regular Season MVP Watch

This season there are a half dozen candidates for MVP, and 2017 marks the first year that any of those eligible are from teams not bound for the playoffs. As always they’re listed in order of PDPB from top to bottom, with additional insights and opinions on their performance. Records and strength of schedule only take into consideration the regular season.

Tex Wellington (5-0, 6.60 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 1 Push win, 2 Crutch wins, 1 Anchor win)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <4th> 63 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 10-8 against other fighters.]

Not only was Tex the only duelist on Warrior Force to end the season with a positive record he was responsible for half of their 10 total bout wins. He was also versatile enough to win a match in of each type. His highlight performance was in week 3 against Vincent Smith where he scored a rare, perfect five round shutout.

Pros: Tex finished with the highest PDPB this season, was one of only three undefeated fighters, and has a perfect shutout to his name, which only one of his MVP competitors can claim. He’s also tied for the most overall wins this year and joins previous Rookie of the Year winner Skid as one of the only duelists to double rank, having started at Trainee and eventually earned Middleweight.

Cons: In an unusual first, Tex is one of three candidates not on teams going to the playoffs. While his record is unmatched, at the end of the day his contributions merely kept his team from finishing in 6th place rather than last place, meaning his victories are inherently less valuable than those MVP contenders that did play a crucial role in their team getting a playoff berth.

Jewell Ravenlock (3-0, 6.00 PDPB, 1 Push Win, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Anchor Win)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <3rd> 64 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 6-4 against other fighters.]

Jewell was the best fighter on the league’s best team, managing to finish a mere .60 PDPB behind Tex to garner the #2 spot on the leaderboard thanks to a flawless season.

Pros: She played pivotal part in Real RhyDin’s week 6 win over Great of Strength that ended 22-22 and every week that she was in her team notched a victory. In addition she’s one of only three undefeated fighters this year.

Cons: She only fought the league minimum three duels, while every other MVP candidate participated in anywhere from 4 to 6 bouts. She’s also the sole fighter on this list without an Iron Fist victory and one of only two MVP hopefuls without a shutout this year.

Jin Chae (4-0, 5.75 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist Win, 2 Push Wins, 1 Crutch Win)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <6th> 28 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 3-11 against other fighters.]

Last year’s Kiowa Belt winner didn’t disappoint and along with KC was one half of Chae Dynasty’s potent one-two punch, helping to propel the first year team into a third place finish and playoff spot.

Pros: JC is the last MVP contender on this list with a perfect record, affording her a higher PDPB than her Chae Dynasty counterpart, KC, and putting her at the top of her team.

Cons: Her strength of schedule is abysmal, having won more matches individually than her opponents won collectively. Alongside Jewell she’s the only other candidate without a shutout this year.

Claire Gallows (4-1, 5.40 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist Win, 2 Push Wins, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Iron Fist Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <5th> 53 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 7-9 against other fighters.]

Pros: She notched the only Iron Fist win for her team the entire season and was the only fighter on Dirty to end the season with a positive record. She also scored a week one shutout against Morgan Chae.

Cons: Unfortunately for Claire her team finished at the bottom of the standings, leaving this year’s voters in an awkward position as her performance seemingly had no positive influence on her team. With her they finished last, without her they still would have finished last.

KC (5-1, 5.17 PDPB, 3 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Push Win, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Iron Fist Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <2nd> 71 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 12-8 against other fighters.]

For the second season in a row another rookie captain on a rookie team finds themselves not only in the Rookie of the Year hunt but eligible for MVP consideration as well. KC leads Chae Dynasty into the postseason along with JC who combined for a 9-1 record this year, proving to be an exceptional tandem.

Pros: KC boasts a strong strength of schedule as well as the most Iron Fist wins this season and stands tied with Sal and Tex for most overall wins. KC’s perfect shutout was the only shutout this year in an Iron Fist bout, defeating Blondie Eastwood (then 4-0 with a 7.00 PDPB) soundly enough to eliminate him from MVP consideration entirely.

Cons: The loss to Tahlia Faras in week two is the sole blemish on a near flawless season, which is why KC ends up tying Sal for 5th place on the leaderboard. In any season with undefeated fighters a loss looms even larger.

Salvador Delahada (5-1, 5.17 PDPB, 2 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Push Win, 2 Crutch Wins, 1 Push Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <1st> 72 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 13-8 against other fighters.]

While Deathcake may have fallen short this year, Sal continued his winning ways, repeating his performance from last season to end up in consideration for MVP for the second straight year in a row, the only fighter on this list with that honor.

Pros: His strength of schedule was the toughest, narrowly superior to KC’s. Much like KC as well Sal fought every week of the season and is tied for most wins at five, including a shutout over Gren Blockman to open the season back in week one.

Cons: Similar to both Tex and Claire, Sal’s efforts did not help his team garner a berth in the postseason, which unfortunately lessens the impact of his victories when compared to the three combatants up for MVP that are playoff bound.

Rookie Of The Year Watch

Slim pickings as far as top tier rookies this year, leaving the voters with just two obvious choices when it’s all said and done!

KC (5-1, 5.17 PDPB, 3 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Push Win, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Iron Fist Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <2nd> 71 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 12-8 against other fighters.]

Second verse, same as the first. Much like King last year, KC is a first year captain leading a new team and doing so from the front, outperforming everyone on his squad save his Kiowa Belt holding sibling, JC.

Pros: KC has the highest PDPB out of the few rookies in the league this year which has also given him an opportunity to take home MVP as well. With the most Iron Fist wins and being tied for most wins overall there isn’t much standing in KC’s way from taking home ROTY…

Cons: …except for one loss. To the only other duelist in contention for this award, Tahlia Faras.

Tahlia Faras (2-1, 3.33 PDPB, 2 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Anchor Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <1st> 85 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 8-2 against other fighters.]

Pros: A better strength of schedule. Though in reality Tahlia’s strongest asset in this race for ROTY is the fact that she’s the one responsible for KC’s only loss this season.

Cons: Tahlia only fought half as many matches this year as KC did and has 3 less wins, a considerable disparity.