IFL 2017 Finals Previews

Greetings all you duel enthusiasts! We’ve reached the finals of this year’s season of IFL, so your ol’ pal Jack Smith is back to write some carefully crafted previews for your viewing pleasure. Actually, I wrote them on a paper towel in the Men’s Room of the Outback, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers here. Anyhoo, the top two seeds made it to the end, Real RhyDin and Team Fist, so we’re gonna take a look at the last duels of the 2017 season!

Iron Fist: Eden Parker (MI) vs. Matthew Algiers Simon (PO)
Eden’s stats: 3-2, 1.00 PDPB
Matt’s stats: 3-1, 3.00 PDPB

Eden showed a lot of pluck and tenacity in her first year of IFL, winning more duels than she lost, including a playoff win against Renley. Matt, however, is following up on his 2015 season with another strong year. Beating the almost unbeatable Jin Chae last week is impressive as well. I’ll have to give Matt the edge in this one.

Push: Hope Naharis (PO) vs. Blondie Eastwood (HV)
Hope’s stats: 3-1, 2.50 PDPB
Blondie’s stats: 4-1, 3.00 PDPB

Hope had another big year, even though she suffered her first regular season loss since 2014. And that person she lost to is fighting her here in the Push, Blondie Eastwood. Blondie came close to an MVP season before Kenny Chae ended those dreams. But Blondie rebounded nicely with a playoff win against Duci. I’d go with Blondie here.

Crutch: Gren Blockman (MI) vs. Darik Warchild (PO)
Gren’s stats: 2-1, -1.00 PDPB
Darik’s stats: 3-2, 1.60 PDPB

The good news for Gren is he had the first winning season of his IFL career since he was with the Badside Brawlers back in 2013. The bad news is he’ll have to face former Kiowa Belt winner Darik Warchild, whose regular season record is now up to 19-8. Considering Gren is the only dueler in the finals with a negative PDPB, I’m guessing Darik will win.

Anchor: Jewell Ravenlock (PO) vs. Koyliak VanDuran-Simon (HV)
Jewell’s stats: 3-0, 6.00 PDPB
Koyliak’s stats: 3-2, 1.00 PDPB

Finally, we end with the Anchor. Jewell is an MVP candidate, compiling a perfect 3-0 regular season record, including a win against her opponent, Koyliak. Koy had a decent year, going 3-2, and speaking of Gren’s record, this was her first winning season since 2007. All things considered, I’d pick Jewell to come out on top here.

OVERALL: Picking three of four duels for Team Fist, it looks like they have the clear advantage in this matchup. I had mentioned in my Rankings that everyone on Team Fist has a winning record as well. Still, Real RhyDin did wind up with the best regular season record, and they swept Great of Strength in the playoffs. So which one of these powerhouses will take home the Championship? You’ll have to keep your eyes glued to the rings to find out! Thanks to everyone for a great IFL season and here’s looking forward to IFL 2018!